Best water games for android is a new category game for you, who are hardly searching for different categories of games here you can try these 5 water games. Among these 5 games, you can play underwater, above water various level.

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Best water Games for Android

You can try racing in water in different ways, so the below list is mentioned so you can try all the water games.


  • Uphill Rush Water Park Racing
  • Dolphin
  • Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Where’s My Water? 2

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

This is a racing game, a multiplayer game you can play with your friends. Very attractive gameplay so if you want to try something new in games you can try this racing game.

The gameplay will be at different levels so all people can play this game and available free of cost.

Download the game now.


Here you have to control your own dolphin under the water, you can get a good experience with this water game, as we know about dolphins how dolphin swims under the water, here the location designed the same as an ocean with water, different water animals.

You have to save the dolphin without crushing so while swimming you have to collect the coins after that you can upgrade so many tools which there available.

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Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle

This is a puzzle game in water, you have you be attention while playing the game this game has a high rating and high downloads, you have completed the puzzles carefully after that water will fill the target.

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Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game, the player controls the shark, As we know the attitude of the shark is a very crazy and most dangerous animal so the shark will kill and eat everyone on the water, here you can unlock many sharks.

The game features are good.

High 3D graphics, reality locations, sounds good. offline game no need yo turn the internet.

Download the game now.

Where’s My Water? 2 water game

A very popular game downloads100 M, This is also a puzzle game as we know solving the puzzle is a mind game but here the advantage is you have to solve the puzzle in water so the main concept is you have to pass the water through the pipes this water helps to take bath below crocodiles above the one crocodile turns on the tap in between these process you have to pass the water with saving the ducks.

Download the game.

I hope you can play these android games with water physics games easily, each game available under 100 MB.

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