In the games category, story based games are very interesting and more popular but in that category, you can see some more interesting games that are related to the story based games, in this article you can play very famous story based running games.

Download And Play Sory Based Running Games

  • Rail Rush
  • Family Run 3D rush
  • Little Krishna
  • 24 Athreya Run
  • Run & Gun: BANDITOS.

Today our top 5 stories based running games.

Rail Rush

This game looks like a temple run but in this game player traveling on the train track with rail vehicle while passing in the location you have to collect the coins, this is good story based running game you can get a good thrill while playing.

Download the game now.


This is an action running game, in this game th player runs and catch the thief who stole money from the player’s hands. The thief has maintaining gang while running on the locations they will escape so you can use the guns to catch them to take back the money.

Download the game.

24 Athreya Run

This is also a story running base game as you know about 24 movie here also applied related story.

In the gameplay, you can enjoy very attractive locations and stories.

Download the game now.

Little Krishna

This is also running game, run and collect coins but high graphics and offline game all kids very much attracts this game easily.

Download the game now.

Family Run 3D rush

Our final game is family run, this is a 3d game you can play the game in this game you have run through the pipes, tunnel, etc.

Download the game now.


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