Mind category games are very popular but you have to play very carefully with your brain, through these games you can improve your brainpower easily without any stress. Relife from the stress is very necessary to all. You never played like this mind games.

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What are the mind games? mind games can easily help in our daily life, just play these games on your android phone and improve your mind power.

These games like will be puzzle solving, chess, etc but these are completely new mind games.


  1. The House of Da Vinci
  2. The Birdcage
  3. Faraway: Puzzle Escape
  4. Adera
  5. 101 Free New Escape Room Game – Mystery Adventure

The House of Da Vinci

In this game, you have to solve machine puzzles, you should play carefully and must use your brain means you should focus on this game while playing otherwise you can not escape from the room.

Download and play like this game.

The Birdcage

This is puzzle mind game, the story begins with kind and his young son after that king lost his son in an accident, solve the puzzles and save the son.

Very good controls, interesting levels. graphic also very nice.

Download the game now.

Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Solve mysterious puzzles in old temple place all locations are designed like kingdom, you should focus on the game, brain game.

Download the game now.


A mind adventure game, in this game only one episode is available at free, remain you should buy.

Locations, controls, graphics are very good.

Download the game now.

101 Free New Escape Room Game – Mystery Adventure

Solve a logic puzzle using your brain skills, sometimes you can not open so don’t worry try again and solve the puzzle move to the next level.

All are mind games so focus on the game and keep your concentration on the game win the levels easily.

Download the game now.

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