Hi, guys welcome to modapkrevdl.com, today our topic is the best horror games, who want to play thrill, scary games on their android phones follow this article will gives a better thrill in games.

Top 5 Android Scary Games All Time

  1. The Walking Dead- season 2
  2. The fear- creepy scream House
  3. True Fear – For saken souls
  4. Evil nun- Scary Horror
  5. The School – White day.
Note: Please be away heart patients, below 17 years people.

So now we will see game details and download links.

Our first and best horror game is,

The Walking Dead- season 2

This game available in play store The Game size 599 MB, 4.6 ratings. Phone requirement at least 3GB RAM, 8 GB ROM.

Gameplay: Play this game at night time and get the best thrill in your life, there is season 1 also you may try it but this is the latest game you can play with the best thrill.

Award-winning game series, a complete story-based game, and the total game are five parts but 2-5 you must purchase from the app.

Download the game now.

The fear- creepy scream House

An action game but you will get scared while playing the game, this gameplay will be based on the story so you can get good interest, the game designed with high graphics, good appearing, good atmosphere locations, etc.

After entering the game you will get scary with the sudden sounds and scary animations.

Try to play the game download now. Download. Game size 56 MB only.

True Fear

Developed by The Digital Lounge and best Adventure games, game size 329 MB. Gameplay will be like this; Fully mystery game and you have to escape from the scary dark, find your sister and mystery is mother death.


  • You can use maps.
  • More levels.
  • More puzzles.

Download the game now.

Evil Nun

Available at 87 Mb so you can play easily on your android phone, this game gives more fear so please careful and play well, this devil can hear any voice so escape from the nun. Solve the puzzle and save your soul.

Download game now, size 87 MB. Download

The School- White Day

This is very famous in South Korea and worldwide fans have this game so, the gameplay is you have to find the missed female students with solving the puzzle the devil will attacks you so keep it mind and rescue the females and proud like a hero.

Download the game now. Download. Size 56 Mb, Cost 620 rs.

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