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Download top best 5 Android Games


  • AxE: Alliance vs Empire Game.
  • Blade Bound game.
  • HEIR OF LIGHT game.
  • Modern Combat Versus game
  • Order & Chaos 2 game.

Now I will explain one by one completely.

1) AxE: Alliance vs Empire

This is a role-playing game developed by the Nexon company, Very high graphics android game you look wonders while playing the game, and you can play online gameplay with all across the world players.


The fight between two peoples so fight and kill your opponents, there are totally 22 areas are there each level can give more interest and high controls. The game download link has been added below.

Download the AxE: Alliance vs Empire. Game size 89 MB +.

2) Blade Bound

This is top second game in the list, this game also gameplaying category game developed by the Artifex Mundi company.

This gameplay is also very good, here backgrounds and graphics are highly designed so you a can not get bored while watching, Now enter into the gameplay you can create own style, hunt and kill your opponents and enter into a new level like a legendary.

Download the Blade Bound Game, Size of the game is 104 MB+


Also, Roleplaying category game with a story. This game looks like a movie, the gameplay will be based on the story so you have to keep following the updates, game levels and locations are very nice.

Download the game now.

4) Modern Combat Versus

Modern combat game recorded as an excellence game in 2018. this is an action game, FPS game, online, shooting game. The gameplay is very fabulous here two teams will enter into the field fight against the other team member while playing you can receive guns, weapons, and you can take help from your teammates, etc.

You have to move into different locations.

Download and play to enjoy the game.

5) Order & Chaos 2

So our top 5 game is Order & Chaos 2 this is a roleplaying game, developed by the Gameloft SE company developers.


A multiplayer online game, you can play with unknown and known persons, Upgrade your weapons make easy to kill foes, 1000 of players can join in this game.

You can create and customize fantasy easily, 5 races, class available so you can choose a better one.

Download the play the game.

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