Three best free useful AI technology apps for android mobile. 1) Starryai app 2) Otter Transcribe 3) Picture This Plant Identify App. These are very useful apps in day to day life in some situations.

Also, 3 best apps for Android

Best AI Useful Apps For Mobile

AI technology can reduce hard work to get results instantly, if you try to paint any art tell AI and get instantly with customisations. Let’s try, so many apps available in the market, you can compare normal and AI apps features. Without any skills also you can done your works by AI technology. AI gives simple output and These app run with artificial intelligence.

Starryai AI Art Generator App

Starryai is a art generator app according to your input, simple and fast generating app, it can delivery approximate results with in seconds. Let me share how this app works and features of this app.

To draw an art manually, takes time and efforts, and you get medium outputs, if you use latest technology which developed by AI, then check the output. Starryai available at free of cost and gives premium level output. Let’s try, enter your art name, select category, and enter, get colourful art. Not only art, it can generate emojis.

Otter App

Productivity, Tools, Speech category AI tech App. This app very useful for everyone, especially online jobers.

This is A smart note taking app. To get automatic records, notes, audios install otter app.

You can record and focus on discussion simultaneously, you can share and save all meeting, discussion, classes, etc. AmazingĀ  app for students, software engineers, etc. Install otter and say bye to manual work.

You can share and sync. Not only text, you can add photos, slides, etc.

Picture This Plant Identifier App

  1. Download the app, starryai.

  1. Download the app. Otter.
  2. 3+ Best + ai apps
  3. Click here to get the picture this app.

This app identify more than 100000 + plants, flowers, trees, easily. Story worry and know any plant, tree names, including plant diseases. This works very easily identify with a second, then you can take action, no need to go labs to get details.

So many Unknown plant species available on this earth, we don’t know all plant names and uses. This app tell you 1000000 + names better than humans. Not only naea, just enter image and get disease names, you can know solution simply.

Some times we don’t know some beautiful road side plant names, just take a picture and upload and get the name buy from and grow in your planet.

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