Play laptop games on android easily without laptop device, only using Android application and your mobile. connect the best games Directly to your mobile. To run the game sucessful on your mobile you have to install the some necessary applications. Without checking you can not get the apps.

How to play gta 5 on android file, process, to download click here

This is another tutorial to get the process of how to play the game like gta 5, cyberpunk, games.

How To Play High Size Laptop Games On Your Android Smartphones

Best and most popular games are very rare to play at free of cost, but if you use this new method, you can learn how to play games with out pc device.

Specially designed for Android smartphones, you can play all best PC games.

You can play the pc games without download and install in android phone. Download rainway, vncviewer app. These both apps are very excited so use all game lovers especially pc game lovers.

You can check our Tutorial to get more stuff. This is proven method.

Vnc Viewer App

You can access remotely another desktop on your android phone. Download vnc viewer app and play the desktop games.

Unbelievable features are going to help you so much.

1M + Downloads, 12 Mb size productivity app. Users hitted on 4.5 Star.

You can save your previous connected desktop servers.

Free and paid service, all options also working here like bluetooth, mic, etc.

Next app rainway

Through this app you can stream pc games on your mobile phone. Easy way to play pc game.

Download the both app now.

Download the app vnc

Download Rainway app

>>>  IP address for all pc servers

>>>  Last Updated on 28 December

>>>  Password for all service TGG (yt)

>>   Note:- These ip address will be updated every 48hrs, next update 30 December 4 PM.

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