There are so many fantastic games available to play in your leisure time but most of the games developed and available for computer or PC devices only. People adjusting with mobile supporting games from play store or other store, how can they enjoy next level games without having device. PC games will be apart from play store or app store, few games only launched so far in official store. to achieve that, some chronic methods out like cloud gaming, emulator method, etc. now you can play pc games on your mobile phone, that too free and paid versions.

Here is another method, try now

Play High End PC Games | Easiest Method 2022

After crossed many levels, we got some best methods to play computer game like GA 5, GOD of War, Apex legends, Bully, etc. To play PC games, not only device is the problem also game price also will be very expensive. If you use cloud gaming emulators you can save lot of money. here you can play hourly, anytime you can play, just create account and pay and pay from your home, like olden days but now no need to travel some distance, even villagers can play very happily, so all you need is you have to choose correct service providing app.

You can try some free services but yo have to wait in “Q” to play. A small recommendation is maintain a good specification device, internet that can save you from lags and struck.

In this page i am introducing a new service that is airGPU using RDP. to know how to connect and play stay tuned this tutorial. first of all you have to know, in this method your device connect to another service using RDP app, this app can install a pc in your mobile, you get free storage and high speed connection. using this service you can download play easily and quickly. Airgpu service available in Indian cities so that will give well connection.


  • First of all open, complete registration. Click here to get the service.
  • Next select server and location.
  • Here you get IP address, user name and password.
  • Now Download Microsoft RDP app.  check here.
  • Next you can connect to remote desktop from your mobile.
  • just few steps you have to complete successfully.
  • free service available few days only, after that you have to turn on to paid version rdp.
  • RDP works for various other works also.
  • Now enter IP, user name,password to connect to PC.
  • Also you can connect to emulator buttons to control the game.

Like this you can play all pc games on android using this easy method.


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