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You might have probably used several apps to get gift cards earlier. However, not every app fetches you gift cards every time. With this app, you will for sure get Google gift cards for free.

Google Paly Gift Card Earning App

Magic Yard is a gaming app available for free. You find the 4 best games in this app. You get gift cards for free as you play the games. Any app and any games can be redeemed. This is the best ever-friendly app to use and get free gift cards. This app is quite different from other apps.

Google play gift card free

Highlights of Magic Yard game:

1. SPIN: In spin, you will be credited coins as spin stands on any number (like 0 through 9) when you tap on play.

2. SCRATCH ME: To win the coins, you have to scratch them in the Scratch Me option.

Google play gift cards india

3. DRAW ME: In the Draw Me option, you have to predict the accurate fair number from the given list of numbers and attempt as long as you get the right answer, then only you would procure the coins.

4. LUCKY DICE: In Lucky Dice, you’re required to tap on the Play button and you will be given coins as per the dice stoppage on the number.

Google Play Gift Card Free Redeem code App, Paytm Method

This is literally an amazing app to earn money while playing the game. This app, unlike other apps that put too many coins to redeem which is not feasible. One of the setbacks of this app is ads. Apart from this, everything is fine in this app. you must try playing this game as you get a better gaming experience.

Best google play gift card earning app

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This app is developed by Free Diamond Free Gift code. It works on Android 5.0 and above versions. It’s now becoming quite popular as of now over 100k users have downloaded it. If you have any issues and queries to ask and get more solutions regarding this app, you can visit the official website or mail to its mail id.

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