This article gives you Games like pubg battle royal games for android, most of the people playing online, offline battle royal games which support on android phone.  Who are hardly searching for best battle royal games which available and support for all android phones?

People asking the question:

What are the best Battle Royale games?

Today we introduce the best top best games like pubg for android.

These games are trending and most people want to play online killing games with their friends and strangers, the list of the best battle royal like pubg games added you can try these games also.

  • Knives Out – No rules, just fight!
  • Survival Squad
  • Cyber Hunter
  • Battle Instinct

Knives Out – No rules, just fight!

This game, gameplay look like a pubg game but you may observe little change in locations, you can playgroup, battle match, in group 5 members, battle 100 members

Download and play the game.

Survival Squad

Next battle royal game is survival squad action game, play with over a thousand players, gain more kills and win the match.

Download the game.

Our third game RULES OF SURVIVAL

This is a very attractive action game, in this game you can find many best locations and weapons only one theory is applied here run or kill. to know more about the game download now.

Click Here to download the battle royal game.

Cyber Hunter

this game available in play store with rating 4.1, this game battle yoral game you can play with your friend.

Download the game now.

Battle Instinct

Our final best battle riyal game is battle instinct, if you look at this game wallpaper you will get more interest to play the game, you can select the best profile. 3d graphics, good locations, sounds also very nice.

Download the game now.

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