How the EzCash App Works
The EzCash app is a free application available on the Google Play Store. You can download it for free and start earning without any restrictions by staying in the same area where you live.

That’s all you need to do activities in the app to earn coins. You can exchange your coins for various rewards including cash. The useful thing for everyone in this app is that there are many good options for payments including PayPal cash and top up on your phone.

How to Get gift Cards, Google Play Redeem codes From EzCash

You can also choose gift cards. These can be useful in popular stores and when shopping online without your own credit card. You can also shop with your income as a gift using your card.

Basically you can exchange your points for credit in relation to several games on the approved list.

You can also earn Life After Credits with this app. Apart from that your coins can also be used to buy mobile legends diamonds.

How Much Money Can You Make With the EzCash App?

When you create an account with the EzCash app and successfully install this app, you will be immediately given 50 bonus points. You can then earn an additional 50 coins if you use the referral code, but you can only use the referral code if you have already collected 250 coins.

Every time you invite your friend to the platform for this game, you earn coins. If you have contact with many people who want to make extra cash, you can invite them too.

Also, you can earn coins when you share about the site on social media, view ads or complete an offer. So this way this application pays different numbers of coins in each item, thus you need to plan carefully to increase your earnings.

As a regular user of this EzCash app, you will receive bonuses to help you increase your points so that you can reach the threshold more quickly for payment.

How much you earn is determined by the amount of time you spend using the app. In addition, you still need to complete some tasks to qualify for your EzCash Reward

This EzCash app can also be used to send money, make donations and pay bills.

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