There are many ways to customise our WhatsApp account, so many advanced features are brought officially even though more tactics available to do customise options. Let me share an amazing tactic that gonal save your original information from fake and fraudulent people. That is hide my chat name dp, profile pic, etc. We can not hide directly such details in WhatsApp, that why you have to take help from one official third-party app, this one only for hiding details, your data is safe with this app.

Also, try another fantastic app for WhatsApp

Hide My Chat Name, DP app Download for WhatsApp

You can easily avoid fraud if you go through with some crazy tricks. This is an amazing app, this app hide your original details and publish fake details like name, DP pic, online status, last seen, etc. All options customisable. You can enter fake data instead of the original and use your WhatsApp bravely.

Hide my chat name app

Sometimes we may leave our phones among our friends or family members, some body copy your data to threaten. In that case this app mis lead them.

Also you can easily escape from them, not only that, you can hide your last seen. This app suggest some helpful information to go through that.

To download the app, check here.

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