Gurrilla mail app is a solution to obtain temporary email addresses for various purposes. This app not share your data. safe, privacy, security and convenience app to use free temporary gmails. This app provides safe email addresses, which works for all sites to use temporarily. Let’s see this app features.

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Guerrilla Mail App For Mobile Devices | Get Temporary Email For Free

This is an instant method to generate gmails to use temporarily. Friendly user interface, easy to use, just a few taps. Guerrilla app can create directly without any information. No need to submit your data, just get your Gmail and use them to receive reports.

There some other available to generate, this app not ask lengthy process. All online services accept these mails.

Through this kind of mails you will not get any harmful or spam messages. Without your action after limited time auto mail delete with data option added.

These emails also look like normal emails, you can read, check incoming mail, also reply option working properly. Download guerrilla mail app, if not available in store, get the latest and safe version from this place.

Through application you can get Fast way to receive and reply messages. You can get otp, imp emails. Anytime you can create from this app.

Can I download files? Yes, you can download files, images, attachments from here too. You can save data simply, images, others info. Also you can send images and attachments. Be alert.

Download the app, check here.


You can get long-term communication,intended for temporary use only. You can not use like a permanent Gmail, so don’t share to anyone to get important data. To avoid received mail, create app shortcut to know early in any situation. All emails delete after a certain period.


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