Google Stadia on Android :- Play favourite games on any device without installation an download tension. Stadia – A Google gaming platform, Google has recently developed a cloud gaming platform known as Stadia. It allows you to play your most loved video games on your gadgets. It holds and streams all your favorite games to your devices that are compatible.

Google Stadia On Android Device, How To Use

No updates required
Stadia will not ask you to update games as it does update games without letting you know the process. Thereby, you don’t have to wait for game patches or downloads either. You can play games when you purchase or claim a game.
Getting added more games
With each month coming, more games are getting added to the Stadia Pro subscriptions. Without being subscribers, you can purchase games separately. Every time, several games are being added.

Download Google Stadia on Android

In order to play games on it, you’re required to pay for it. Sometimes you may be asked to update current games. You don’t have to be bothered about internet connectivity or Wi-Fi for any updates as they automatically get updated. You won’t get any network issues while playing the game. It’s way better than what you have anticipated about it.

Worry not about device compatible issues
You probably come across apps that run on one device that may not run on another device. Thereby you get compatible issues. However, with Stadia, you won’t encounter any issues at all. In fact, you can play games on TVs if you install the Stadia controller and Google Chromecast Ultra.
Changing from one screen to another screen
It lets you switch games from one device to other devices without any hassles. The game still can be resumed on the second device from where you paused on the first device.

Google Stadia on Android, Requirements

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Things Required
You need to have screens, Wi-Fi or mobile internet connections, and controllers to play a game. You don’t need more than that.
Google LLC has developed it. So far, over 1 million users have installed it. It works on Android 6.0 and above versions.

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