Best Screen Recorder App For Game Play of Any game with clear sounds including internal, external. Very enthusiastic post because many people like to capture the best gameplay as a video with awesome sound quality (internal, External).

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You can record anything which is playing on the mobile screen, but why don’t you use the best-rated app? if want to best recorder app for android with a high-quality internal, external sound recorder, check this article, this article well explained the app. get the direct app download link, features list as well.

Screen Recorder App For Android || Best Recorder For Internal, External Sounds

In this fresh article, I am explaining about the best screen recorder app, that will record 100 % any gameplay on mobile phones. But there are many alternative apps but this app enhanced well, many gamers are given a good rating. also, very small size app.

Very good interface, all adjustable options also provided in the settings. the best suitable app to record without extra settings.

Record something on your phone that too audio very clearly, if you download, install the gamer recorder app, the output will be very good.

best screen recorder app

Today we are talking about the Gamer recorder app, this app performs very well to record any gameplay on any android mobile.

Features Of Gamer Recorder App

  • Very less size app, only 4.5 MB size.
  • You can change the video resolution very easily.
  • You can use edit options like trim, add, etc.
  • Change the Recording Speed option also obtained.
  • Video quality starting from 240 P to 12 MBPS.
  • You can use small default options like, rotate, pause, resume, stop, etc.
  • You can change the storage setting,(internal or external)
  • You can share the recorded video.

Read all features, watch our tutorial, if you have any doubts, you can contact app developers, easily at their respective mail.

Download the gamer recorder app

Download gamer recorder

Install the app and use all features, and share your experience with us via comment box. thank you for you are here.

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