Hello friends, play game like gta 5 that too on android mobile with same features and gameplay. Now you I’m revealing the game details, Grand Criminal online App is an action game where you can select the role you would like to play. It offers multiple roles for a user to play in the game like one who obeys the laws and order and works at the office, a goon who looks for ways to earn money quickly, or an executive with stock in leading companies.

Gale like gta 5 for android

Game Like GTA 5  For Android, Must Try On Android, Open World Action Game

You can choose your way and get succeeded in the selected role.
Major features of Grand Criminal App:
This online game has amazing graphics.
You can play online and finish assignments with your friends.

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Open world A big is an altered city that transformed itself from urban homes to towering skyscrapers.

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Sandbox mode is one of the best features that would determine who you would like to be in the world of the game. There are multiple roles in this game to earn bread and butter like right from cab driver to the one who has stocks at the major companies.
It offers a wide range of vehicles like from cars, tricks, rover, etc.

Grand criminal game like gta 5

With the diversity of clothing being offered by this game, you can become a trendsetter.
This game is the best and perfect for those who love playing games like gangster flicks, dope whips, open worlds, mafia stores, gangs, racing, shootouts, business, street wars, actions, tanks, and more.
This game is uploaded by Al-ikhzan.

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This game has been updated. Below are the updates.
3rd person camera mode
Several improvements have been made and fixed many issues.

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