Do you know that an Android phone can switch to playing console games with the help of an Android application, that too smoothly, if you don’t have any awareness of how to play console games like Play Station 1,2,3 games on Android mobile, our tutorial is ready to help you, just follow step by step process.

Also, try how to play mobile games without downloading 

Best App To Play Console Games On Android Mobile, Daijisho

Daijisho is a new home launcher app as well providing console features. Let’s start the process, first of all, download and install this app like a home launcher.

Daijisho app

Next, go to settings, select home apps, choose home app or launcher, and select daijisho app. After that, you can change color, themes, fonts, and wallpaper.

A total of 88 console options are available, import any one and import games to play in the console. Very easy process to play console games in recent times. Daijisho comes with cheat code features. This app is available in the Play Store, not a third-party app, you can install it easily from this page too.

Daijisho app for Android

Before running this app like console you have to complete a setup that setup reference video already added, go through that, and complete it successfully. You can play PlayStation console games freely and easily. Do not need any emulator to run console games in this app. If you check directly, you will think it’s just a home launcher, this app is integrated with retro game library, and according users response developers take the next move. You get full updates.

Download daijisho app, check here 

Launcher provides a game library without any help from an emulator. One lakh installation completed, good-rated app, 22 MB size. You can try 88 console games easily, like God of War 2, Need for Speed, Resident Evil 4, etc. Don’t hesitate to share with your gaming friends, this is very useful information, do like and share with your followers.

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