So many best android apps are coming out everyday with great ideas and features to provide certain technology to the users (public). when you miss such kind of miracle apps, how you complete your works quickly. These days 99% works done on the online comfortably through android apps. when such kind of opportunity there, utilise. Now i have 5 latest android & ios application, which gives killing features to tech guys. just try once, then just tell your feeling on comments section. After that your fingers goes to share button automatically.

Also,know best AI technology based apps

Top 5 Latest Android Apps In 2k22

List Is here:-

  1. Otternal Life – Habit Tracker App
  2. starryai – Create Art with AI App
  3. Krita App
  4. Motion Ninja Video Editor App
  5. Dynamic Island – iOS 16 App

Now Get details And Beatifies Of Each App,

Otternal Life – Habit Tracker App

Nothing change you, only your habits can change your life style. A habit can take you up and bring you down. your habit describes you what you are. finally health is wealth. must take care about your health or habits. To control, to make keep going on your habits otternal life app helps you. it works as a tracker and helps you to improve when you forget in busy life. This app highly useful for senior citizens, business mans, busy schedule persons, even for PM.

you can Choose category, health, fitness, living space, finance, etc. sub options, you can select multiple options. set time.

Just enter details of habit, after that it will remind you to do that on time. offline supporting app. free fro ads. you can set more habits at one place. times, date, year, daily hourly, minutes, etc.

Free app, just use and track our habits to get more benefits. Try now, size 16 MB, offline.

Download otternal life app.


Starryai is an amazing app to produce imagination to images, just enter your imagination inform of text and get in the form of image. this app works on AI base so it can create images easily and exactly, after recent update this app producing more capable and accurate images. really amazing free android app in the year of 2022. AI tools and apps rapidly increasing day by day so use and get effortless service and results. mainly it can draw an produce best unique images to use anywhere. let me give this app link download try on your device once. realistic imagination pictures. really awesome service, you definitely like it.

35 Mb size.


Krita App

Krita is a latest best digital painting programmer. this app programmed like a photo shop tools. works as a android friendly free Photoshop tools app, really amazing editing area, appearing tools. This app works for all pro editors and even can try beginners. free photo shop type editing, just observe and use your skill while editing. working nicely on android.

This app has good installations and reviews.

Download krit app for android.

Motion Ninja Video Editor App

This page contained one video editing app, this is not the latest one but still trending app to make attractive motion editing t your videos. you can apply various effects motion, slow motion, after effects, motion ninja, multi layer, time remapping, AI background remover, time interpolation, movie titles, motion graphics, etc.

5 M + installation, recently updated on Oct 28 2022.

Download the app. check here. 117 MB.

Dynamic Island – iOS 16 App

October 25 2022 updated app. From this app you can apply iPhone features to android phone. lot of features gathered, you can set iPhone notch, front camera design, play buttons, screen shots, lock buttons, volume buttons, interface, etc. overall its look like a i phone model.

You can simply change your android phone design into iPhone 16 style. yo can feel like iPhone handle. at 0 cost you can enjoy some iPhone features.

Download the app, dynamic island.

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