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Top 5 Games Like GTA For And Smartphones 2020

5 games like gta, check this post and get 5 games links like grand theft auto. Gameplay like Grand theft auto is an amazing experience and people also searching highly. There are many games so many people introduced like gta games earlier but in this 2020 new post you can my selection games.

You can try 5 top Gangstar game,

Games Like GTA , 5 Top Games Offline, Online

Check list

  • Payback 2
  • Dude theft war
  • Gangstars
  • Auto gangstats
  • Truck driver city

These 5 games give you gta gameplay almost. Anyhow if you have interest you can try all the games and tell your experience with us.

Your share level of your gameplay walkthrough. If you want gather and play best games it will take so much take and most are very tough to find out.

We find out these five super like gta 5 games which supports to your smartphones.

Our first game

Playback 2

Palyback 2 the battle sandbox. Really pretty good games many features you can get. Mainly who likes to play action, arcade, single player, offline game. 102 mb size, 1 M review, etc. All features are Finally everything.

2 modes game, daily challenges, the main thing is offline game. Weapons and war weapons are there.


Dude Theft Wars open World Game

85 MB size game, 1 M +  Downloads. Open world game, good gameplay with best graphics, full city .ode buy or earn weapons to win the game or fight with opponents.




Our 3rd game, grand Gangstars 3d game.fully 3d optimizer 3d game under 30 MB, singl player, offline mode game. Action, adventure, open world game for Android. You can use 6 vehicles in the game.


Auto Gangstars

Action, single player, relastic game, offline, online, but try in online. Most of the looking for best games under 50 mb, so this is only 26 MB size game try it now on your phone.

Over all Gameplay is very good. 3d graphics, super music, background 3d source.


Truck Driver City

Gangstar available in 94 MB size, Downloads up to now 50 M. Wow. Action, offline, single player game. Really fentabulously game, you can buy trucks in this game, finish the task very Fastly with pro vehicles.



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