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Hello everyone, Today I am informing you about a beautiful and exciting game which is Pixel Gun 3d mod apk v10.6.1. This game is a multiplayer game in which you can compete with your friends, or with anyone around the world.

Pixel Gun 3d Mod Apk For Android

In this game, you can modify your character with many simple editing tools, and after all this, you can enter into battle. It is an awesome shooting game for all users. There are many departments and weapons you find in this game to improve yourself.

You also play this game in every sense of quality. In this game, there is unlimited money in the game so you can enjoy this.

So have a look to problems of people when there is no shooting game. Many people have craze to play shooting games, but they cannot play because no game was developed in the old days. They want to play with their friends and with anyone around the world.

They cannot play because no game was developed. They want to play multiplayer shooting games in which they compete with friends or anyone around the world.

Are you in search of multiplayer shooting game?

If yes, Then i have the solution of your all problems.

A game is released which is Pixel Gun 3d mod apk v10.6.

In this game, there are many modes like multiplayer mode, cooperative mode and also survivor campaign and many others.

Now i shall explain to you the importance of each mode.

  1. Survival campaign – In this mode, you have to defend yourself from zombies attacking you from all sides. A lot of enemies from cops nurses and swat members etc.You have to kill them or else you boomed. This task is not easy to kill all devils. DCo not fear from this just kill all of them after this, you face Boss zombie take him out, and your level is complete.
  2. COOPERATIVE MODE – In this mode, 4 players play the game at one time. You have to clear all levels in this mode. You can also chat with others to solve all levels. In this mode, there are 8 levels and this mode. Gameplay is very staunched. Clear each level to earn more coins.

c. Multiplayer Mode – In this mode 8 players play the game at one time. Maps of this mode are unique. You can also chat with your friends in this way also. In this variety of weapons, you can use to knock down your opponent and especially knife is also available to cut your enemies.

These are some modes of the game. Pixel gun 3d mod apk is now released and now can be the free download on your smartphones. Now you can also play with your friends and beat them to get first on the leaderboard.

Features of Pixel Gun 3d:

  1. Very straightforward and easy to play
  2. Frantic sound effects
  3. Dazzling HD graphics
  4. Many kinds of zombies and enemies
  5. Several types of maps
  6. New Arctic songs
  7. Training camp for training

These are some features of this game.

Do you know about pixel gun 3d mod apk new version?

If no, No need to worry I am telling you about its new version

  • Secret Base
  • New weapons are added like sword and many others
  • Many different types of skins
  • Each weapon has its own characters
  • Main of this interface is boost up

These are some things which are added in new version.

How to run pixel gun 3d?

Let me tell you how to run this game.

  • Download game from given links.
  • Run the setup and install it.
  • After installation, no registered key is needed.
  • Once installed now enjoy your game.

This game is best released for everyone and also for those who have craze to play multiplayer modes. so play this game without any fear and i hope now all your problems are solved.

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