How To live Our Life With Nature Everyday

Hi friends, today im sharing with you an very normal article about nature. No one can understand the nature, no one can elaborate about nature. This is my own story which happened in my life.

How To live Our Life With Nature, If yes How

My intend is which way is better to live our life happily without any health issues, peacefully.

Living peacefully is a not easy matter there are so many people daily fighting with their self. Im sharing my experience what i experienced in very little time.

I like nature too much, everyday i was seated at my fady fields alone, i absorbed so many changes, calm, healthy air, no toxic, no pollution, well water, fresh motor water, etc.

Amend of the day the sunset will attracts me all time,

Why old people very strong did you ever think why?

Without technology, machines, they built amazing constructions, now a days people not very strong even they are not breathing fresh air. If you live in any city, nothing there to take fresh air, complete air pollution, water pollution, even your food polluted by many harmful fertilisers.

Then what is the use, what is your feature, can’t you live your life in villages, village people like city culture but city people never like that is why people rapidly changing and our culture, health habits completed chaged alot.

Can you work one day as a farmer

My childhood completely different when i compare with present, my present life is very hard. Even i dont like to live this life, when i was school I’m very happy expect some time, even one one catches us , full enjoy, climbing hills, eating all kind of local fruits without paying. Full sleeping, no tensions, but now every moment tension, frustrating, irritation, no peace.


Now i decided that I want my old life back, so i decided to move village. May be many people think very badly he is waste fellow, he can not do anything in city likewise.

But this is our life we have to life our life full fascinating.

Live Life With Nature

Listen me nature will helps you one hundred percent. Are you poor or middle class, owned some acres water field that’s enough don’t think about life, start working with it. You are most happiest person.

Cultivate your own rice, vegetables, milk, start mil business in our village, work. If i compare with city life, now my life is very good..

I got peace, full sleeping on my roof, raining, spending time with family , little betraye, fightings, life going with best memories.

If you have any stories like this share with us..

What do you think?

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