Google LLC has launched the latest web browser Canary. It’s an extension of the current Google Chrome browser. It’s built for developers who would verify newly added features, changes, APIs, and more while working on a stable environment for regular work. mind it’s not a stable version. It’s still being tested and under development.

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Therefore, it will probably be removed if any bugs are not fixed. The Google Canary, the latest version of Google Chrome, is going to be updated periodically about seven times a week taking an overall 100MB of bandwidth. You must be judicious while it’s getting updated on smartphones. It’s not suggested for beginners, naïve users as well. You have an option Help & Feedback to convey any features you’d like on the Canary browser.

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You will not find any differences between Chrome and Chrome canary browsers while using the latter.

Learn How you can download Chrome Canary easily

1. First Verify whether your PC Or computer has 32-bit or 64-bit windows.
2. Download and install Chrome
3. Close and re-open the Chrome browser.
More than 1 million users have downloaded Chrome Canary. It works on all devices.
How to update desktop Chrome Browser
Three dots vertically appear on the left side of the browser when you open the app. When Clicking on three dots, the Help option can be seen. When you place the mouse cursor on the Help option, it displays the About Google Chrome option. Click on it in order to get it updated.
It takes less than a mere 10 minutes to set up. If it takes more than 10 minutes, then it would be facing troubles.

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