Best Action Game Under For Android

Best Action Game Under For Android
Best Action Game Under For Android

You can play the best thrilling action game on your android mobile actually this game size 79 Mb = 500 additional data so if anybody wants to download an action game under a medium size you can try this game.

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Download the Thrilling Action Game For Android

This is the FPS shooting game, the features, gameplay superb. In this game, opponents are zombies so you have to kill them, in this war you may die on their hands so before they target you kill them without mercy.

After complete killing the zombies then only you can go next level.

Collect various weapons, you can take many high enhanced weapons, if you upgrade the guns you can save the time to kill them otherwise you can not face them easily with normal weapons.

You can choose Single, multiplayer mode. game sounds, flighting location very attractive.

Download the game now. Game Name is Fatal Raid.

Size 79MB only.