Action Game Best For Android | Not Available In Play Store

Today we are introducing the best action game which is not available in the play store, the gameplay is awesome, you can play this game in android, ios phones, high graphics game also. This is an online game, game size 2.GB.

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Download the Meteor, Butterfly And a Sword Action Game

Game is Meteor, Butterfly And a Sword you can not install it from the play store so we provided 100% working download link below the article.

You can watch the gameplay in the video, After watching the video you can decide to download.

Now we will discuss gameplay.

This game designed with high graphics, You can play an extraordinary good action game.

Kill opposite fighter, You must complete opposite person full power then only you can move, After many kills final kill is very dangerous so you must kill otherwise you will die.

Download the game now.

I hope you try to play this action game. Comment us your word about this game.