Today I am informing you about a beautiful game which is Modern Combat 5 mod apk v2.0.0f. This game is all about shooting and to complete all the tasks with given weapons.  This game is loaded with some additional arms and with more missions. In this game, You will fight for US armed forces both as rescue and terrorist.

Some people want to play shooting game on their Android phones, iPhones, etc. But there is no such game developed in previous years, so they have to paly on their computer, but they want to play on their smartphones.

So now a game is released which is Modern Combat 5 Blackout. This is the best android phone game, and you can play every mission on your smartphone.

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

There are many mods in this single game player, multiplayer and much more so let start from single player. In single player mode, You can play yourself to defend your country from terrorists, and after this, you have to compete with their boss which is the main part of your task.

In single player, you unlock many new weapons by completing missions. Once you entered in the game, you travel through the whole world by completing missions and get new and advanced weapons.

Have you ever face problem in playing multiplayer?

Don’t worry i also have the solution of this problem. In multiplayer, you played with your friend, or you join the squad. So if you are playing with friends then you have to take a good position and aimed well to shoot.Kill your target and get lead among your friends.

But if you join squad base team then you and your friends are in the same team you have taken down your opponent unit.


The gameplay of this is very easy, and you can easily play it on your phone. No need to worry because I am informing you about this also. PC gamers faced no problem with control of this  game but new android users have to face problems with controls.

There is the button on left side to move your player and aimed button also to shoot. But if you forget to shoot it automatically kill your target. There are several mission which you have to play without weapons so here the controls on the right side you quickly see just pressing the bullet button it start to fight without the weapon.

So this game is very exciting and very easy to paly

Some of the features of modern combat 5

  1. Talk with other players in squad chat
  2. Epic team clashes in squad vs squad match
  3. Win awards in limited time given
  4. Awesome and extremely high graphics
  5. Very simple and easy to play

I am alos playing this game and you are not a shooter if you not play this game so play  this game and enjoy and also improve your skills

How to Run Mortal Combat 5

  • Download game from given links
  • Run the setup and install the game
  • After installation no register key is required
  • Enjoy your game